The Rich Flavours of Local


Eating at Délice Champêtre is to savour 

local delicacies



We are a country-styled "snack bar" type restaurant that uses regional ingredients and locally-made delicacies to prepare gourmet burgers, poutines and hot-dogs.  Délice Champêtre is also a complete dairy bar that serves a wide variety of ice cream desserts made of soft ice cream, homemade artisan gelato or homemade artisan sorbets.


Our unpretentious cuisine allows you to enjoy high quality local products and ingredients in a friendly and accessible environnement. All orders are made at the counter and there is no tip to add, saving you about 15% in additional fees. Payments are made in cash only, and there's a cash machine available on site for your convenience.

There is no secret about it, the only way to ensure high quality meals is to start with ingredients of superior quality. This is why we use products grown on local farms and prepared by local and dynamic producers.


All our breads, all our cheeses and all our sausages come from local artisans. And all our mayonnaises and sauces are prepared on site. Our condiments are produced either by us with our own recipes or by a local artisan. We choose locally grown fruits and vegetables as well.


Ingredients from the

Délice Champêtre serves savouring simple meals made from ingredients produced by local farms and delicacies prepared by regional artisans.


One of the "musts" in Montebello, Quebec.


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